Family Guy and Freud

Antonia Peacocke recently wrote an article, “Family Guy and Freud”, to suggest that the popular show Family Guy is not as politically incorrect as it seems. Although most would say that Family Guy is “bigoted and crude”, Peacock argues that “Family Guy intelligently satires some aspects of American culture.” She explains that the show is done tastefully and that it’s good to laugh at ourselves from time to time.  Peacocke’s article puts what we watch on TV in perspective the claiming that ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to decide what to watch. She believes that we need to see comedy in life, and know whether you’re open-minded enough to understand the humor being relayed.


Over the years, the show Family Guy  has turned a lot of heads. Whether it be for the humor or its crudeness. Antonia Peacocke’s article, “Family Guy and Freud”, makes excellent points on the satire factor displayed in Family Guy. Although the show does seem to “purposely offend just about every group of people you could name”, it’s also packed with light hearted jokes. I agree with Peacocke’s perspective on this show. It’s good to laugh at ourselves and it’s true that “the funniest jokes are those that hit home.” She states that it’s ultimately up to the viewer to judge if they are mature enough to find that type of comedy funny, and that “it’s important not to lose sight of what’s truly unfunny in real life.” I couldn’t agree more.

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